Venus G-Test

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age worldwide; expressed in abnormal vaginal discharge, burning and itching. Frequently no symptoms are present yet the silent threat remains. Left undetected, undiagnosed or untreated, BV can induce preterm birth and increase the probability of spontaneous abortion or miscarriage. BV can lower IVF success rates as well as increase the susceptibility to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or AIDS.

Candida ALBICAN (yeast infection) and trichomoniasis are also quite common vaginal infections and their symptoms are similar to those of BV. However, a different treatment regime is required for each infection.

Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) is the proven technology upon which the Venus G-Test is based. It is a sensitive technique for detecting low concentrations of specific compounds, based on the rate at which their ions travel under the influence of an electric field. Traditionally, IMS has been used for detecting toxic chemicals, illicit drugs and explosives. We at BioMS have introduced this technology into the point-of-care clinical diagnostic arena.

Biogenic amines are low molecular weight compounds mainly produced by the decarboxylation of amino acids by microbial or enzymatic action. Biogenic amines are essential at low concentrations for normal metabolic and physiological functions in all living organisms.

The Venus G-Test is a medical diagnostic device for the quantitative measurement of biogenic amines related to different diseases and pathological conditions. It is sensitive, rapid and accurate and provides the physician with a diagnosis of the three common vaginal infections.

The Venus G-Test automatically measures the level of biogenic amines, including trimethylamine, putrescine and cadaverine. The test simply requires a swab of vaginal fluid for the differential diagnosis of the three common vaginal infections.

The Venus G-Test offers on-the-spot accurate diagnosis of vaginal infections allowing for the most suitable treatment. No more expensive laboratory costs and lengthy waiting for results. The rapid results allow for faster screening of a higher number of patients. The high sensitivity, specificity and speed are the advantages of the Venus G-Test

The Triplex by Venus G-Test helps doctors treat patients accurately and immediately:

    • Bacterial Vaginosis
    • Trichomoniasis
    • Candida ALBICAN
    • GBS Group B Streptococcus Agalactia
    • Non invasive
    • Accurate and reliable
    • 60-90 second results
    • Cost effective
    • User friendly

TMA= Trimethylamine, CAD= Cadaverine, TEP= Triethyl phosphate

Three different spectra obtained by the Venus G-Test are shown in the figure above. TMA & CAD represent the unique fingerprints associated with BV and Candida ALBICAN, respectively.

In the normal flora spectrum, very low levels of biogenic amines are measured. On the contrary, high levels of biogenic amines are measured in both BV and Candida ALBICAN cases. 

we offer:

Qualitative Quantitative Interpretation


              Screening Statistic


Step 1 Take patient sample with a sterilized swab

Step 2 Add 1 drop of reagent (KOH 15%)

Step 3 Insert the swab into the instrument

The quantitative resultsare indicated Qualitative / Quantitative as 4 in 1 result by 1 SAWB Samples collection only after 1 Minute from the insertion of the Swab Sample


Kit size, 100 kit swab 1200 Kits in 1 Export Carton, keep them at room temp.

Instrument dimensions: 20X52X34 Cm weight 16Kgs, 90-220 Volts